• 1.Why do customers choose us ?

    We're large factory with 23 years manufacturing experience, you can have more guarantee by cooperating with us. 1. All products are arranged in the cleanroom workshop to make sure the sanitary requirements from end users. 2. We have complete QC system,every products need to pass the strict inspection before packaging. 3. Our high efficient management and advantageous source to ensure the final price is very favorable. 4. Our sales team is very professional,and can solve all kinds of issue may happen in the exporting.

  • 2.What certificates do you have ?

    We obtained following certificates: CE (comply with 93/42 EEC) ISO 13485 FDA NELSON testing report (comply with EN14683) Declaration of conformity(with EU rep in it) CIBG for non-sterile medical mask EN13795 The TYPE5,TYPE6 and FDA 510k is under processing And we have full sets of medical registration documents in China.

  • 3.Do you have TYPE IIR certificate for surgical masks ?

    We made following tests are made based on EN14683:2019, our testing value can meetTYPE IIR standard: BFE: TYPE IIR require ≥98, ours is >99 Delta P: TYPE IIR require <5.0H2O/c㎡,<49.0Pa/c㎡, ours is <4.3H2O/c㎡,<42.3Pa/c㎡ Microbial Cleanliness: TYPE IIR require≤30cfu/g,ours is<1.8cfu/g Synthetic Blood Penetration: TYPE IIR require≥29 of 32 test aritcle pass results, ours is 31 of 32 test artticle pass results.

  • 4.How large scale your factory is?

    Our company has more than 800 stable and trained workers, 42 Sets of machines for face mask, about 200 Sets of sewing machines for clothes and other hand made products,10 sets of vacuum compression packaging machines,10 sets of ultrasonic heat sealing machine,6 sets of machines for buttons, 4 Sets of machines for caps, 2 Sets of machines for shoe covers, 1 set of machine for scrub gloves,also have loading forklift...etc.

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